A Man’s Guide to Cufflinks [Infographic]

Anatomy of Cufflinks

A Man’s Guide to Cufflinks [Infographic]

Cufflinks have gone a long way from simply a functional item used to fasten shift cuffs to becoming a modern-day accessory that completes a man’s wardrobe. This accessory can be worn either dressed up or dressed down. They are basically suitable for weddings, dinners, formal events, business events, etc.

Men can accessories too and create a statement from simple casual attire by simply picking out the perfect cufflink for the specific event. Modern-day cufflinks for men come in different designs, from military tanks to superhero-themed ones.

The infographic below gives a quick overview of the types of cufflinks for men, its anatomy, when to wear them and how to wear them. Cufflinks are no longer entirely associated with formal or semi-formal events. You can don a pair even on casual days.

So check out the graphic to know more about 21st-century cufflinks.

A Man’s Guide to Cufflinks

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