Cufflinks Gift Hub – Launch

This is our pre launch cufflinks video that was sent out on social media prior to our launch.  We wanted to give everyone a taste of what is in store, literally.

There will be hundreds of exclusive cufflinks designs made from the highest quality alloy metals and cabochon glass (a unique gemstone of the glass family).  In addition to these there will also be other cufflinks stocked that will be great value but retaining quality levels.

Our cufflinks ranges include music, maps, patterned, skulls, sport themes and much more.

There will also be some other items within our shop which we believe compliment our cufflinks ranges.  Other unique items will be added as we embark on the journey of setting the new coolness levels.  We will keep you posted on additional items that are added soon.

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of our minds and we will ensure that we tick all of your boxes at all times.

The website will be live 1st March, 2017 and we hope to be able to wow you with our cool products which we know will definitely make you look fantastic when worn.

Click on the link to view our awesome video and get a taste of the cufflinks that will be offered in store when at launch in a few Weeks.  There will be more videos added over social media soon to keep everyone updated.  Thank you for the interest.  Making cufflinks cool.

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