More Information About Cufflinks

More Information About Cufflinks

We wanted to give some more information about cufflinks we offer as we have received  some questions asking about the different types of cufflinks we offer and we thought it would be a great idea to run a little blog to explain in more information what type of cufflinks we offer, materials used and everything else.

Our main type of cufflinks offered in terms of build is our cabochon glass range.  We have over 1500 different designs in this material.  These include as an example the below:-

World Map Orange Cufflinks

Cabochon glass is a natural gemstone of the glass family.

Our cabochon glass cufflinks are all made to the very best quality using AAA standard materials.  The base is made from metal alloys normally derived from copper metals which gives it a strong finish hence durable for long term usage.   All of our cufflinks are guaranteed to be lead, nickel and cadmium free.

All of our cabochon cufflink range are finished in a silver colour covering.  We are able to arrange for you to have these finished in gold, bronze, copper or black colour finishes also.

All of our cufflinks have a swivel bar closing mechanism.  This simply means to put them onto your shirt cuffs you place the swivel bar vertically to push it through the eye hole in your shirt and then horizontal to fix it in place.  Swivel bar mechanism is the most popular usage of cufflink closing mechanism.

Our cabochon glass made cufflinks feature a glass finish and design which allows the high res images used within to be shown clearly ensuring that the motif, logo, picture is as clear and crisp as expected.

All of our cabochon glass cufflinks are 16mm in diameter which is the UK standard size for cufflinks.

Our cabochon glass cufflinks can be worn for both formal and casual events.

We mentioned that there are over 726 different designs on our cabochon cufflinks at the moment and all of these are available in our online store to view or purchase.  These designs are over a number of categories so we definitely have something for everyone.  The categories include animals, art, astronomy, computer, maps and flags, military, music, patterns, skulls and skeletons, superheroes and more.

In addition to our large cabochon cufflink range we also offer cufflinks that are made just of metals.  These include as an example the below:-

Tank Silver Cufflinks

Again all of these cufflinks are made using the highest quality metal alloys and will be perfect for constant usage if required.

Some of our metal cufflinks are just silver coloured where others have unique colouring as part of their theme.  You can see the difference between the two metal cufflinks here by adding a little colour:-

Tank Green Cufflinks

In addition to the metal cufflinks we also have a English pewter made metal cufflink.  English pewter is deemed to be the highest possible quality of metal alloy available and allows the cufflink to be very detailed.  An example of one of our English pewter cufflink styles is below:-

Football Player Pewter Cufflinks

Our final type of cufflink build type is our handmade wooden range.  An example of this range below:-

Our wooden cufflink range is made using high quality bamboo wood which is very strong and durable.  The images you see on these are actually laser cut to ensure quality of detail.

We offer a range of styles on our wooden cufflinks and this ranges from bats, bicycles, anchors, moustaches and other unique patterns.

All of our wooden cufflinks have a swivel bar mechanism as we mentioned above.  Also these cufflinks have a diameter of 20mm making them slightly larger than the normal 16mm size seen in our cabochon range.

If we add all of the cufflinks we offer that have different build type and styles we currently offer over 900 styles and we are adding to this every Week.

If you want to see all our cufflink designs just click on the link below:-

Thanks for reading our cufflink blog.

The Cufflinks Gift Hub Team

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