Reasons to Collect Vintage Cufflinks

vintage cufflinks

Reasons to Collect Vintage Cufflinks

Vintage cufflinks have been considered as both a collector’s item and jewellery. They are both amazing gifts for special occasions and the perfect addition to a man’s clothing. One doesn’t need to be a history, art or jewellery connoisseur to appreciate and admire a pair of antique cufflinks. But they, in fact, carry a bit of history, art and jewellery in them.

A pair of good cufflinks is the ideal finishing touch to a man’s outfit. It inspires confidence and leaves a lasting impression, which should not be overlooked. If the main goal is purely for aesthetic purposes, then modern cufflinks always get the job done. You can even find antique imitation among these modern-day accessories.

On the other hand, vintage cufflinks come with a story or some bit of history, which we all love. And if you decide to get one, knowing the story behind a pair of cufflinks helps narrow down your choice.

Why buy vintage cufflinks?

Many shoppers have overlooked the most obvious reason for collecting antique cufflinks, that is, its value. The value and prices of these olden-day cufflinks will not go down, regardless of the economy’s state.

But it is quite difficult to ascertain the quality of a pair of cufflinks without its precise information. So as much as you can, seek detail from the seller. Chances are they have the rich history of these beautiful accessories.

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Features and price

The most important aspect of collecting antique cufflinks is knowing which and what cufflink to collect.

Age and style

Like precious stones, rarity is one of the features that affect the price of a pair of cufflinks. Additionally, other great determining factors include style and age. Cufflinks from different periods also vary in price, but it doesn’t mean that the older the cufflinks, the higher the price. So, it is ideal to have a general knowledge of styles and periods to get an idea of how much a rare find may cost.

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Of paramount importance is condition. They must be protected from humidity and light and must stay in mint condition. Although condition isn’t assessed by the naked eye, inspection under a magnifying glass or loupe is a necessity. However, collectors waive “mint condition” when a design is immensely rare or is very old.


Another feature that impacts price is the material. Luxurious materials are pricey, and when combined with an antique, they clearly will be worth even more

vintage cufflinks


If an antique cufflink comes with an engraving that has some historical value, then the price could skyrocket. But pay attention to the damage the engraving has caused since, in the past, they have been carved by hand.

Vintage cufflinks are a good form of investment since their prices don’t down. However, determining the right value and price might be a difficult task, but not impossible. It all simply depends on what you learn to buy and not to buy. You could start with novelty cufflinks and be on your way to becoming a collector.

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