Three Reasons You Need Cufflinks More Than You Think

Three Reasons You Need Cufflinks More Than You Think

Three Reasons You Need Cufflinks More Than You Think

Three Reasons You Need Cufflinks More Than You Think

As is so often the case when it comes to those all-important sartorial situations, it is the smallest details that make all the difference. Shoes, tie, pocket squares; they’re all part of the perfect suited and booted look but we’re thinking even smaller than that when it comes to the wardrobe wonders that really make the difference between black tie style that’s good and black tie style that is great.

We are of course talking about cufflinks. Miniscule men’s accessories with maximum potential to take your smartest looks to the next level. Often taken for granted and at times an afterthought, cufflinks are fun and functional in equal measure. If they’re not part of your accessories arsenal, they soon will be once you have read our three reasons why you need cufflinks more than you think.

Reason 1: They add a much needed splash of colour

Black tie: the clue is in the name. To many, black equals boring, especially if you’re more used to wearing the rainbow when it comes to your everyday outfits. The problem is, when an invite says ‘Dress code: Black Tie’, then black tie you must wear. Dark suit, tuxedo even, white shirt and a black tie or bow tie; it’s a one track road to looking suitably suave for big events but it’s a uniform that doesn’t allow for much colour…unless it comes via your cufflinks. Squirrelled away beneath your suit jacket, cufflinks spend much of their time covered but when the volume goes up on the music and the night gets going, they’ll come into their own when your jacket comes off and your cuffs are revealed. Bold, bright and with more impact than you might expect, cufflinks bring the colour needed to inject some life into your smartest outfits.

Reason 2: They can bring a dash of personality

Would you rather be in your waders, knee deep in river water, scouting for your next catch of the day? Perhaps you’re more at home on the building site, surrounded by JCB’s, or on the farm, preferring the company of pigs to suited and booted partygoers. Smart suits can be way out of your comfort zone if you tend to err on the side of casual rather than corporate in your day-to-day dressing, but cufflinks can be a reminder of the familiar you need in a sea of suits. From tiny tractors to fully-functioning spirit levels and ‘Gone Fishing’ signs; at Cufflinks Gift Hub you’ll come across tons of little accessories with BIG personalities.

Reason 3: They’re functional, as well as fun

Cufflinks may be the most decorative accessory in your arsenal but that doesn’t mean that they are all style over substance. Tasked with securing double cuffs and dress shirt sleeves, cufflinks aren’t just pretty, they’re practical too. The fastenings on our cufflink styles are secure enough to hold your shirt cuffs together through even the longest wedding day or black tie ball.

After our lesson on the importance of cufflinks, which ones are on your wishlist from Cufflinks Gift Hub?

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