Channel the Unique You with Distinctive Cufflinks

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Channel the Unique You with Distinctive Cufflinks

Trending styles and fashion do not mean that you have to remain in the predefined standard colours and shapes. In fact, when wearing cufflinks, there’s plenty of room to channel your individuality, the dapper man that you are.

Cufflinks allow men to accessories and express themselves through jewellery. Today’s cufflinks come in varying designs, themes, textures and styles that you can always find what you are specifically looking for, from novelty cufflinks to more sports-themed ones.

This article will provide you with ways on how to break away from the box society has dictated yet be still stylish and creative.

Go bold

Match your bold personality with bold colours. You can now let go of the traditional silver or gold cufflinks that have been the staple in fashion.

Opt for colours that scream, “Notice me!” or “I’m here. Let’s party!” Try deep blues or bright greens. You don’t have to be old school, especially now that a new year forthcoming.

The unconventional shape

Since you are matching your bold personality with bold colour, try complementing it with out-of-the-box shapes. Sure you have heard of the domed, round, square or button cufflinks, and surely you have had enough of them.

It’s now time to break the barrier that separates the bold and daring from the plain and safe. There are novelty cufflink shapes that are as unconventional as you.

Channel the inner animal

Well, not an animal per se but the animal totem. Show off your daily mantra channelled through your animal totem. Be it a bear, lion, panda or an eagle, modern-day cufflinks have you covered.

Humour and style

Embrace your funny side with novelty cufflinks. These manly pieces of jewellery are also conversation starters, so this will be a plus if you’re already that funny guy that gets everyone cracking up during gatherings.

You can be refined as well

If you don’t want to go over the top but still want to be unique in your own simple ways, then opt for cufflinks with details. Cufflinks crafted with intricate designs will still be unlike anything else; thus you will still be wearing something unique.

With these tips, you surely have options on how to be unique and stylish at the same time. Novelty cufflinks provide you with a wide range of options so that you can be as cool as a cucumber.

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