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Glo Bottle Top Light

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Quench your thirst for funky lighting with the Glo Bottle Top Light – it turns an average drinks bottle into a super cool (and handy) lantern!

The Glo Bottle Lamp is a cleverly innovative bottle top light that simply screws onto the top of any standard 28mm thread bottle, in other words we’re talking plastic or glass water and pop bottles! The cap contains 3 bright LEDs and uses the liquid on the bottle to diffuse the light.

So what makes the Glo Bottle Top Light stand out?

Well, that depends on what bottle you screw it onto as the light it gives out differs according to the shape of the bottle and the colour of both the bottle and liquid. This means you can create all sorts of ambiences by experimenting with different bottles!

Wait, there’s more…..

The Glo Bottle Top Light has approximately 75 hour of battery life. It also has a built-in clip which means you can clip it onto a bag for use whenever you find yourself out and about and in need of a light!… at a festival?

YES! Glo is incredibly versatile and perfect for festivals, camping and summer parties. It’s ideal for when you’re out in the evening, whether with the dog, going for a walk or a run – just screw it onto your water or energy drink bottle and it’ll help shine your way. Then again you could simply use it as a cool night light. You can suspend it in a tent, under a gazebo, clip it onto a clothes line or just stand it up…the possibilities are endless!

Glo hasn’t just caught our eye though as it won Gift of the Year 2016 for the Under £10 category!

What do you get?

  • 1 x Glo Bottle Top Light

About The Product

  • Glo + screw-top bottle = Funky Lantern!
  • Compatible with any standard 2.8 cm thread drinks bottle (glass or plastic)
  • Consists of 3 super bright LEDs
  • 75+ hour battery life
  • Built-in clip
  • Includes 2 x CR2450 batteries (replaceable)
  • Ideal for festivals, camping, evening runs, dog walks…

Replace a bottle cap with Glo press the button and off you go!

Additional information


Cardboard Box with Instructions

Other Material

3 x Super Led Bulbs

Other Information

75+ Hours Battery Life
Changeable Batteries
Built In Clip



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