Father’s Day Cufflinks

Father's Day Cufflinks

Father’s Day Cufflinks

Father’s Day is on the horizon and whilst we don’t advocate waiting until the third Sunday in June each year to celebrate the man mountain that brought you into this world and kept you out of trouble, woe betide any son or daughter who doesn’t dig deep and unleash the gifts come the 18th June.

But what do you buy the man who has a wardrobe overflowing with unworn jumpers and a toolbox bursting at the seams with tools that – according to Mum – he never gets around to using? The answer of course is cufflinks.

Buying Dad cufflinks for Father’s Day isn’t just the perfect way to prove to your old man that you actually pay some attention to his hobbies, it’s also one way to guarantee some say in his questionable outfit choices. Get the cufflinks right and the rest will take care of itself. They might even distract some attention away from that god awful dad dancing he insists on demoing at every family party and special occasion.

With more than a thousand different cufflinks styles on offer, Cufflinks Gift Hub has something to suit Dad down to the ground. Treat your unsung hero to a pair of cufflinks that suit his ‘unique’ personality, whether he’s a sci-fi geek, petrol head, football fanatic, bookworm and everything in between. Cufflinks are a subtle nod to Dad’s favourite pastimes and, more importantly, they’re small enough that he’ll get away with wearing them even if they’re not on Mum’s most-wanted list…which is more than can be said for most of his wardrobe.

Here are five of our coolest cufflinks for Father’s Day, because nobody actually likes receiving socks.


Gone Fishing Cufflinks
If Dad’s never happier than when he’s under an umbrella, surrounded by maggots and sopping wet with rain, these Gone Fishing Cufflinks will win him over hook, line and sinker.


Coffee Bean Cufflinks
We learnt young not to approach Dad before he’d had his morning brew. Coffee, two sugars, served in his mug because no other mug will do. These Coffee Bean Cufflinks are a knowing nod to his caffeine addiction.


Dumper Truck Cufflinks
Don’t try and tell us that you’re ever too old to appreciate a good dumper truck. Whether Dad works in construction or not, he’ll feel the love for these colourful cufflinks. If you’re feeling flush, go the whole hog and treat him to the full fleet of construction cufflinks, adding our Tractor Digger Cufflinks and Steam Roller Cufflinks to your basket.


Drums Silver Cufflinks
If most of Dad’s stories go something along the lines of ‘long hair and the good old days’ these Drums Silver Cufflinks will appeal to his rock star tendencies.

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