Which Wedding Cufflinks

Which Wedding Cufflinks?

Which Wedding Cufflinks


Is it even a wedding without cufflinks? The father of the bride fiddling with his shirt sleeves before mother comes to the rescue. A nervous groom battling through sweaty palms and the jitters to slip those silver posts through a seemingly shrinking hole. A pageboy bribed with the promise of some really cool cufflinks he gets to keep forever if he promises to be on his very best behaviour.

A wedding just isn’t a wedding without these little slithers of silver adorning shirt sleeves. And so, we decided to share our pick of some of our favourite cufflinks for the whole wedding party. From naughty for the best man to novel for the kiddies, here are our picks of some of the very best cufflinks for weddings.

For the groom

In the wise words of the great Phoebe Buffay: “He’s your lobster!” If you’ve found your lobster in a fellow Friends fan, our Lobster Red Cufflinks or Lobster Silver Cufflinks cufflinks will be a sweet private joke on the big day.

We love the raw romance of our Heart Cufflinks or Heart Red Cufflinks cufflinks too. Featuring an anatomically correct recreation of the organ, these cufflinks mean you really can give him your heart on your wedding day.

And finally, one for the PlayStation widows. You’ve accepted your fate and resigned yourself to a live lived second only to the little black box beneath the TV. Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that his first love is his PlayStation, our Black Console Controller Cufflinks cufflinks will be a cheeky statement on the day.

For the best man

What happens on the stag do stays on the stag do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge that last wild night with a little gift for the man who had the headache of planning it all.

Remember all those boozy night as a bachelor with our Green Beer Bottle Cufflinks cufflinks, one of our favourite cufflinks for the best man. After all, who doesn’t love a beer with their brother by another mother?

For the father of the bride

If Dad is giving up his little girl, the least he can expect is some cool cufflinks in return. Cufflinks Gift Hub has endless options for the father of the bride. Keen anglers will appreciate our extensive range of fish cufflinks; our Fishing Reel Cufflinks and Gone Fishing Cufflinks cufflinks are a two particularly popular pairs. If he’s a keen shooter (just what you want in a father in law, eh?) our range of country style cufflinks will make his wedding morning. Our Gun Shooting Pewter Cufflinks cufflinks are a must for the country gent who’s never far from his tweed waistcoat and wellingtons.

For the pageboy

Well, this is where the fun begins. There favourite superheroes including Comic Book Superhero Collage Cufflinks, Bicycle Red Cufflinks and bright yellow Dumper Truck Cufflinks are all on the agenda for little boys who manage to protect those all-important wedding rings until they have made it all the way down to the end of the aisle.

With the dress taken care of, venue booked and wedding DJ warming up his vocal chords for the introduction of the first dance, all that remains is to choose your wedding cufflinks. Which ones are top of your wishlist?

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