Uwatch U8 Smartwatch


Uwatch U8 Smartwatch

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The Uwatch U8 Smartwatch is an affordable smart watch that will give you a quality watch on your wrist that has an extensive number of preloaded applications to assist with everyday life.

If you are looking for an affordable smartwatch or a unique gift for a child or adult alike this smartwatch is an excellent affordable choice.

The Smart watch has three unique watch faces with the digital face style having the ability to set to either a 12 or 24 hour clock face.  The watch will need to be manually set up for the time and date which can be easily done with the included instructions manual.

This Uwatch U8 smartwatch will allow you to set up either a pre coloured background (choice of three) or you can use one of your photographs or images once you have connected the smart watch to your phone.

The applications that are preloaded onto this smart watch include FM Radio, Pedometer, Alarm, Stopwatch, Phonebook, MP3 style player, camera and much more.

All Android phones with Android 2.3 and above are compatible with this cool smart watch.  It also works with all Apple iPhone types.

You are able, if you wish, to listen to music via your smart watch although its is better used as a remote control to play music on the smart phone.  I mean who likes to listen to music through small watch speakers when you can use your smartphone itself?  The camera feature allows you to take pictures through your smartphone using the watch as a trigger for taking the picture.

This smart phone has an excellent battery life.

This smartwatch is available currently in black colour only.


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